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About Us


As an offshoot of Les Ferme du Marché, Le Petit Marché Étudiant was born from a university entrepreneurial project initiated by Maude Laroche, president and founder of the company. The goal was to create a platform to reduce the cost of transmitting food between producers and customers. A geography student, Maude had the desire and the will to rethink the food delivery system. It is by using the different aspects of her geographical knowledge that she succeeded in creating a platform that reaches the Montréal student population. The company aims to promote national development, culture, sustainability and GIS. We prioritize the values ​​and culture traditionally associated with agriculture, while bringing a touch of technology and modernity.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Le Petit Marché Étudiant is an all female-run initiative. As dedicated, driven, and inspired students, each member of this project works towards an affordable and intimate connection between local Québec companies and Montréal university students!

Promoting female empowerment and business engagement, Les Fermes du Marché and Le Petit Marché Étudiant give women up to 6 days off due to their menstruation. Free feminine sanitary products are provided and can come to work with their children.

For more detailed information about the very important figures behind this sustainable initiative please refer to our main website!

Meet Our Team

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We offer an internship program allowing students of all levels to gain experience within our company and offer a work partnership program.​

Volunteers Cleaning Park


We perform a carbon offset using one tree per order sold

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We are try to make Quebec economy more sustainable by offering our consumer health and affrodable food option.

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