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About the Service

Store Policy

As a business affiliated with Les Fermes du Marché, Le Petit Marché Étudiant adheres to a store policy that values customer privacy and order efficiency. Le Petit Marché Étudiant allows you to buy various products using its E-commerce platform. If you live within 2km of McGill University's campus groceries will be delivered directly to your door. We ask you to be present at the time of delivery. However, if you are not present at that time, we will leave the package on your front porch. We cannot be held responsible for any theft or vandalism committed against the package after this time.

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To register on this site, you must provide a series of information specific and non-specific to your person. By registering on the site, you agree that Le Petit Marché Étudiant, and by extension, Les Fermes du Marché, may use your information for marketing, sales, internal and/or external research and distribution purposes. 

By signing up for our newsletter, subscription services, and weekly grocery box services you are consenting that Les Fermes du Marché has access to the data provided by your email, name, and home address, which will be protected and secured within our database.


For any questions or concerns, we invite you to communicate with us via the following email: 

By accepting the terms of use within this website you agree to receive newsletters by

E-mail. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time by writing to us at this email: 

Le Petit Marché Étudiant and Les Fermes du Marché reserve the rights to change the terms above. Before purchasing our products please review these terms to ensure a smooth order process.

Sales Policy

All sales of food products and weekly grocery boxes on this site are final! If you find any discrepancies within your grocery order, please contact us at with a message and accompanying image of your concern for a store credit or discount code to be used in future purchases!

Customers can only use one discount/promotional code per purchase.

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- Credit / Debit Cards

- Coupons / Discount Codes

Payment Methods

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